“The founding of the Ferring Foundation by Frederik Paulsen in 1988 can be seen as an attempt to create and institution in which creative future planning and future management, also for coming generations, could be achieved for the little north Frisian island. (Quotation: Jakob Tholund, Ein Friese geht nicht veloren, p. 36)

The Ferring Foundation is an unincorporated foundation under civil law that has its seat in Alkersum. All its intentions are for the direct benefit of the public.

The Foundations Intentions are:

1. The promotion of the Frisian language and culture as well as of other small languages.

2. The exploration of the living conditions in territorial waters – especially the North Frisian mud flat and its islands – and the support of measures that maintain and increase the living conditions in those areas.

3. The promotion of research concerning the history of North Frisia, its inhabitants and their prehistorical roots, focusing especially on the islands of Föhr and Amrum.

Those intentions are realized through the organization and execution of lectures. The Foundation does furthermore provide research contracts and scholarships. Most of the topics that are promoted are of a linguistic nature but the foundation does also support projects from other fields if they are connected to the North Frisian region.

Another important part of the Foundation’s work are its numerous publications.

The Foundation does also award prices. There is an annual award which is given to those students of the high school of Wyk who graduate as the best of their respective year. The highest is the Foundation’s Honorable Award and is awarded for groundbreaking academic work within the Foundation’s field of interests.

The foundations’ purpose is realized through the organization and carrying out of scientific symposiumsand lectures. Furthermore, the foundation awards research contracts and scholarships. Principally, linguistic themes are sponsored, but also other areas can be covered as long as there is a connection to the region.

An important activity is also the awarding of prizes. Among other things, every year the best student leaving the grammar/high school (Gymnasium) in Wyk receives a cash prize for his/her achievement. The highest distinction is the foundation’s honorary award which is given for scientific projects of fundamental significance.

Particularly important are the numerous publications of the Ferring Foundation.